Coaching Connect Plus is here to help coaches within the UK.  Coaching Connect Plus is made of of experienced coaches and we understand the issues, dilemmas and problems that coaches come up against.

Coaching is a powerful intervention – it can quite literally change lives.  Here at Coaching Connect Plus we want to make sure that coaches across the country are supported.

There are two types of coaches that are drawn to the work of Coaching Connect Plus.

Firstly there are those that are working as ‘in-house’ coaches in a business. Coaching is used by organisations who are developing a coaching approach.  These businesses often see the benefit of coaching and are keen to develop the skills of in-house coaches from within the workforce.  In this instance coaching is used to underpin the good work of an 

Secondly there are people who are professional coaches. These coaches might run their own business or they might be employed by an organisation.  Either way coaching is the main purpose and remit of what they do.

Here at Coaching Connect Plus we work with coaches from all backgrounds.  We are here to support you.  It might be that you are newly qualified as a coach.  You might be more experienced as a coach or you might be using coaching in-house – whatever it is we know that we can help take your coaching to the next level.